If you have unwanted skin lesions, then cryotherapy is the treatment may be for you!* Freezing of moles, warts and other unsightly bumps usually needs only one or two treatment sessions. Let Genesis help rid you of skin lesions quickly, safely, and effectively!1*

  • Freezing removes moles, warts and other unsightly bumps*
  • Can be done on any body area*
  • Easy, cost-effective treatment*

With a fine pinpoint spray of nitrous oxide, Cyrotherapy addresses a wide variety of age spots and epidermal lesions:

Wart Removal

Warts are skin growths caused by viral infection. Warts affect the top layer of the epidermis and are skin colored and rough. Cyrotherapy treatment for warts is virtually pain-free and can be safe for any part of the body.1*

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are harmless, soft fleshy growths that resemble a small flap or soft tissue hanging off of the skin. Skin tags are commonly in the neck areas, arm pits and groin. Cyrotherapy treatment for skin tags is virtually pain-free and can be safe for any part of the body.2*

Plantar Wart Removal

Plantar warts are a viral epidermal tumor on the sole of the foot. Plantar warts usually grow slowly and are contagious to others. Cyrotherapy plantar removal is a virtually pain-free and can be a safe treatment.3*

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