As an aging executive going through mid-life weight gain, I decided to get my life (and appearance) in line with my youthful inner self. Genesis Med Spa has played a key role in this personal strategy for me. Dr. Jenks, Lindsay, and the staff at Genesis have advised me through facial injections, fillers, and life-changing, middle-whittling Vaser fat reduction. My results are beautiful, natural and the compliments I receive from freinds and family have been so rewarding! I highly recommend Genesis Med Spa to help others through whatever stage of life they are in. I came to Genesis through the referral of a friend, and am now passing that along to others.*

Karen S. – Colorado Springs

“I love the amazing results that I have experienced since visiting Genesis Med Spa, I was a bit apprehensive at first and later realized that I had nothing to worry about. The staff is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I am now a regular client and the results are incredible, people think I am 10 to 15 years younger than I am! I would recommend it to anyone!”*

P.R – Colorado Springs

“Dr. Lisa Jenks and her staff of medspa professionals consistently deliver superior results. My decision to become a client has shaved at least 10 years off my appearance. Highly recommend giving Genesis a try!”*

Ron Rispoli, U.S. Army Retired 

Dear Dr. Jenks and the entire Genesis Staff,

My teenage daughter and I have been coming to Genesis for several months. During each of our visits we have been treated exceptionally well. I initially found your office as the result of a Groupon offer for laser hair removal. I had previously had two individual sessions at other establishments with poor results. As you can imagine, I was hesitant to try laser hair removal again. My first treatment (at another business), resulted in dozens of bumpy, itchy, in-grown hairs. They took ten days to grow out and I I had to use tweezers and Biore strips to get them out. I called off of work one day just because I didn’t want anyone to see.

My first session at Genesis resulted in a completely different experience.

Specialist, Dawn Leyba explained everything and talked through the equipment. She is very caring and competent. Dawn and I began talking after my treatment and I asked for advice and options to help my daughter with her acne. Dawn explained that Genesis offers several treatment options to help acne. We scheduled and initial consultation for my daughter and after that signed her up for the skin fitness program. We took Dawn’s advice and also purchased a Clarisonic Skin Care Brush and threw out her liquid foundation and replace it with mineral based foundation. Dawn has literally held my daughter’s hand throughout some of the treatments. Although it was not an overnight success, we are seeing outstanding results and have learned what does and doesn’t work for her. Through a combination of extractions, injections, laser treatments and peel, the scarring is reduced, as is the redness and inflammation. Thank you to Dawn and everyone at Genesis.*

Sherrie Rogers

Dr. Jenks,

I am doing well! I haven’t really had any migraines at all since I came to see you. I can feel al headache trying to come on, but it doesn’t! It’s absolutely wonderful!!! I can’t thank you enough! The acne gel to prescribe me is also working miracles! I do plan to do that $99 package, so you’ll see me soon and probably often!*

Thanks so much & See you soon!


Sorry it took me so long… Life has been crazy for the past week! The best testimonial I can give is the fact that I look younger today than I did 2 years ago!! Lisa is wonderful and is a pro at what she does. She also has a very generous heart and not only serves her clients but her son and her friends as well. Thanks Lisa, for all you do!!*


Going to Genesis Medspa is the best gift I can give myself! I have been a regular client for almost 2 years and I would not go anywhere else for facials or fillers. The staff is always so much fun and make you feel right at home while maintaining the utmost professionalism. I have introduced many of my friends to Genesis and even my son!*

It is always a treat to go to Genesis and I will continue to do so as much as possible!!

Suzy D.
Colorado Springs

Thank you for your follow up call after my recent med spa experience.
Well, let me tell you that it was wonderful. I had microdermabrasion with ultrasound infusion and Tammy was wonderful. Not only did she explain everything that she was doing, but I also found the whole experience very relaxing. I bought a 5 package deal following my treatment!

I also had facial & filler injections, which included nasal labia and lips procedures. You know, with age we lose that plumpness and they produced amazing results. I was a little apprehensive, as I don’t particularly like anything to do with needles, but Dr. Jenks definitely does know how to give painless injections!! Even my husband said, “This is incredible!”

So, yes, I’m on board and plan to come back for regular touch ups. I loved the Genesis spa setting; it is beautiful. I also found that the employees were very professional. Thank you, Genesis for a wonderful experience and for taking some years off of my face.*


Ghislaine – Colorado Springs

It is important to me to feel relaxed and comfortable at a Spa. Genesis has such a friendly welcoming staff. The decor is tastefully done and calming. It was also very nice to have snacks and beverages available while waiting for my appointment.

Most importantly, Dr Jenks is kind, knowledgeable and highly skilled. I have visited other med spas but will definitely go back to Genesis because I was so pleased with the whole experience.*

Lottie – Colorado Springs

Dr. Jenks,

I want to thank you for the exceptional service I received at Genesis Med Spa. I had never visited a med spa before going to Genesis and, what a wonderful experience it was! I received a Pearl Laser treatment and could not be more pleased with the results. After just a couple of days of ‘social downtime’ I saw a fantastic change in my skin. The fine lines around my eyes and mouth were reduced and the treatment diminished my age spots. My skin also feels so soft now.

Going to a med spa allowed me to receive medical treatments in a beautiful, relaxing and luxurious setting. You and your staff were knowledgeable, welcoming, kind and professional. I can’t wait to visit Genesis again!*

Margie – Colorado Springs

The spa is beautiful and calming; I felt very relaxed. The staff is amazing and friendly, warm and welcoming. It was very comfortable. I enjoyed the treatment, which was a microdermabrasion with ultra sound infusion. When I returned home, my teenage daughter said, “Mom your skin looks beautiful”. I was so surprised because I didn’t think it would be that noticeable. So it was a great experience.*

Patricia – Black Forest

A med spa? Me? I wasn’t really sure what a med spa was, not to mention why I would ever go to one. After all, I do wash and use sunscreen every day. However, I decided to go and see for myself what all of the excitement was about.

The warm and inviting atmosphere put me at ease as soon as I walked in. I was greeted by a number of friendly faces and promptly ushered into a beautiful room where my skin care needs and concerns were discussed. I never knew there was so much to learn! After my consultation, I was ushered into another lovely room by an equally lovely woman (physician?) who proceeded to tell me about the treatment I was about to undergo. She explained it all to me before we began and, sensing that I was bit nervous, explained it all over again while she did the procedure. By the time I was finished, my skin was glowing and I was armed with so much information that I had to go over it again when I had my follow-up call from Michele, my aesthetician.

Now, a few weeks later, my skin has never looked so healthy and I have never been so well informed about its care. I am looking forward to visiting Genesis MedSpa again so I can continue on this path I have started with glowing and healthy skin.

I would recommend Dr. Lisa Jenks and her staff at Genesis to anyone who is interested in the care and health of their skin.*

Julie – Colorado Springs

Genesis Medspa,

Thanks for sending this to me! I went to Genesis for the first time right before Christmas to freshen up my skin before the Holidays. It was a wonderful experience! From the time I called to set up the appointment to a hand written note I received a week after the service, Genesis treated me like their favorite and most valued customer. I moved here from Washington, D.C. where there is a plethora of fine spa’s and Genesis is the only one I’ve found in Colorado Springs that can compete. The free consultation I received at the beginning surpassed my expectations and I appreciated your willingness to work within my budget as a newlywed. I will recommend Genesis to all of my friends because of the quality of your services, the knowledge and expertise of your staff, and the friendliness with which you treat each and every one of your customers.*

Thank you Genesis MedSpa!


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