Scars, especially on the face, often make people feel very self-conscious and even depressed. Scar repair can, in some cases, be life-altering.

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There are quite a few products and procedures that can help reduce the appearance of scars. Topical retinoids can be very helpful in scar repair.1 By increasing cellular turnover of the skin, they can soften and minimize the appearance of scars.1 They are particularly helpful when the scars are superficial rather than deep. There is growing evidence that growth factors, when applied topically and in a high concentration, also help with scar repair. Our bodies use our own growth factors to heal scars, but as we age, our growth factors are not as powerful. Topically applied growth factors aid the body’s own response to the scar tissue.

Scar Repair Needling

Needling can be a very effective procedure for scar repair.2 Needling uses a “roller” with many very fine needles that create micro-holes in the skin and in the scar. This creates a “micro-trauma” that stimulates the production of new collagen, which then shrinks the scar tissue. Healing serums, including those with growth factors, can be applied while these micro-holes are still open, allowing them to penetrate to the base of the scar and help with the scar’s repair.

Scar Repair Laser

Lasers are often used for scar repair.3 Depending upon the nature of the scar, lasers can be useful in ridding the scar of excess pigment. Many scars heal with a brown or red color, which makes them more visible. Lasers can reduce that pigment, allowing the scar to blend in with the surrounding skin more easily. In additions, lasers are important in scar repair because they stimulate collagen and can, therefore, help to “fill in” sunken, or hypotrophic, scars.

Finally, a procedure called the e-matrix can be used in scar repair. The e-matrix uses bipolar radiofrequency to heat the dermal layer of our skin, which again stimulates collagen production and helps to break the scar tissue down. This treatment is safe for scar repair on people with any skin color, whereas the lasers have to be used with caution on people with darker skin types.

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*Results are not guaranteed and your results may vary.