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Liposuction Improved

Do you want to lose inches, but are scared of traditional liposuction? Vaser Liposuction is a minimally invasive alternative, with far few risks and a much easier recovery than traditional liposuction.1* Vaser Liposuction works on the abdomen, legs, arms, back and even the neck.2*

  • Low-risk with easier recovery than traditional lipo*
  • Excellent results on abdomen, love handles, back, arms, legs and neck fat*
  • Vaser Liposuction may be a great fit for your body!*

Liposuction – How it Works

Liposuction using VaserLipo technology reduces unwanted fat deposits as effectively as traditional liposuction1, with a much easier recovery and at a greatly reduced cost!1*

What is VaserLipo Technology?

During the VaserLipo procedure, a large amount of lidocaine is first infused into the area to be treated. This numbs the area from the inside, which means that IV sedation or general anesthesia is not required. An ultrasound probe is then inserted into the area of excess fat and moved throughout the different fat layers. Ultrasound energy breaks up the fat, so that when it is then sucked out, much less energy is needed, resulting in less pain and swelling than is seen with traditional liposuction.1*

What body areas can VaserLipo treat?
Liposuction with VaserLipo can be used to treat excess fat almost anywhere on the body.* Popular areas include the abdomen, “love handles”, inner & outer thighs, back, neck and knees.

Who is a good candidate?
The best results with any liposuction are on people who eat a well-balanced, healthy diet and engage in at least moderate physical activity.* VaserLipo is most successful on people who are normal weight or just slightly overweight and who have a localized area of unwanted fat.* Some medical conditions, such as serious heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes or severe autoimmune disorders are contraindications for liposuction. In addition, people with very loose skin may get better results with a different procedure.

What is the recovery like?
We encourage people to begin moving and walking as much as possible the day after their liposuction procedure. It is normal to experience bruising and swelling for about two weeks.* During the first two weeks, a compression garment (like a Spanx) is worn night and day. This garment is worn at night only for another 1-2 weeks. Heavy exercise is not permitted for two weeks after the procedure.

How much does it cost?
The cost for VaserLipo varies according to the body part being treated and the amount of fat that needs to be removed. In general, small areas such as necks cost about $3500, while larger areas, like abdomens or backs are around $5500. Dr. Jenks or Dr. Bode will give you an exact cost for your procedure during the consultation.

How do I learn more?
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Vaser Liposuction Testimonials

I would do the vaserlipo all over again! It gave me my shape back. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone interested gaining back their figure!*

TP – Colorado Springs

I am so happy with my results! I did my outer thighs and now wearing pants I couldn’t fit into. This treatment has really boost myself confidence! I would highly recommend this treatment.*

DL – Colorado Springs

I’ve actually had two areas treated with the vaserlipo. The treatment got me the results I was hoping for. The most impressive thing about my results were how the Vaser Lipo was able to spot reduce my problem areas. I had the treatment done on a Friday, rested over the weekend and was back to work on Monday. I couldn’t be happier!*

RK – Colorado Springs

I had liposuction through a plastic surgeon on my arms four years ago. I paid a lot of money and there were no results. I was brave and tried it again at Genesis Med Spa. I definitely saw results this time! I am now able to wear sleeveless shirts in the summer without feeling so conscientious. I would definitely recommend VasorLipo at Genesis. It is more reasonably priced here as well!*

TF – Colorado Springs

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