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We are Laser Tattoo Removal experts.

Our tattoo removal laser technicians all have advanced training, which means you will not only receive an effective tattoo removal, but a safe treatment as well.

The Enlighten tattoo removal laser is safe to use on all skin colors and it successfully removes all ink colors. Get a free consult!

Whether you are wanting to get rid of one tattoo or many, Tattoo Removal by Genesis MedSpa is your answer. During tattoo removal, we remove your unwanted ink with the most advanced technology available. Our Enlighten Laser is FDA approved and has been shown to remove 98% of ink in 98% of people in six treatments or less.


Power through stubborn discoloration and unwanted tattoos of all sizes and colors! Find out how our laser does it.


We are the most experienced laser technicians in Southern Colorado. Meet our experienced and helpful staff


FDA approved and has been shown to remove 98% of ink in 98% of people in six treatments or less.

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Genesis’ Tattoo Removal Colorado Springs offers 100% free consultations, during which a laser technician will meet with you and review your medical history, discuss the procedure in more detail, review pricing and payment options and answer any questions.

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Why use the Enlighten Laser to remove my tattoo?

Traditional lasers have needed many (sometimes as many as 30!) treatment sessions to remove unwanted ink and, even then, often have been unable to remove some colors, such as yellows and greens. Additionally, these older lasers often leave scarred skin behind, which can look worse than the tattoo did. This is especially true for darker skin colors, which traditional lasers often cannot safely treat.

The Enlighten Laser represents a big advance in technology.

It gives the technician the option of using two different wavelengths, which allows it to effectively remove all colors. Also, it delivers energy at two different speeds; nanoseconds and picoseconds. The nanoseconds can be likened to a hammer hitting a big rock (which represents the big molecules of ink in a tattoo).


Tattoo ink stays in our skin because the molecules are too large for our bodies to break them down. Nanosecond pulses are used during the first few treatments in order to break the big ink molecules into smaller ‘chunks’. Then, the picosecond pulses are used to further break those chunks into very fine debris, which can easily be removed by our lymph system.

The combination of these two speeds allows the tattoo to disappear in far few treatments than does any other technology available.

The Enlighten Laser has been shown to remove 98% of ink in 98% of people. Read the studies and facts here (opens new tab): http://www.cutera.com/Product-Landing-Pages/enlighten™.aspx#slider2

What will happen during your tattoo removal treatment session?

When you first arrive at Genesis’ Tattoo Removal in Colorado Springs, you will be greeted by our friendly and professional staff. If you have not already filled out new client paperwork, you will be asked to do so. If this is your first visit, you will meet in our comfortable consultation room with a certified laser technician, who will review your medical history, discuss the procedure in more detail, review pricing and payment options and answer any questions you have.

In the treatment room, the tattooed skin will be cleaned and pictures will be taken before each treatment. A numbing cream will rubbed into the tattoo or a numbing agent will be injected. Both of these eliminate discomfort during the procedure. Goggles will be placed over your eyes in order to protect them during the laser treatment.

Since the skin has been numbed, most clients feel very little during the laser procedure. Occasionally, a small “pinch” can be felt and “snapping” sounds will be heard as the laser breaks apart the ink molecules.

After the treatment, the technician will apply aquaphor and a bandage to the area and will review post-instructions. It is important for you to follow all instructions and to contact Genesis Tattoo Removal if you have any questions or concerns as the area is healing.

The tattoo will appear blistered, red and scabbed for 7 – 10 days. It may be tender during that time. It is best to leave it covered and to use antibiotic ointment on the area until it has healed. It is very important not to pick at the scab, since this could cause scarring. Tattoo removal treatments are usually scheduled every six weeks.

Straight Forward Pricing

During your free consultation, our expert staff will determine how many treatments your specific tattoo requires and will provide the price to remove- right then and there. No hidden costs!

Example Pricing & Treatments

The Dolphin

“Dolphin” tattoo on abdomen. Approximately 2 inches X 1 ½ inches. Estimated cost $150 per treatment.

The Fleur-de-lis

Right lower leg. Approximately 6 inches X 4 inches. Estimated cost $500 per treatment.

Finger Tattoo

Finger Tattoo – estimated cost $100 per treatment.

Peace Symbol with Lettering

Symbol tattoo on chest. Approximately 5 inches X 5 inches. Estimated cost $350 per treatment.

Tattoo Removal Certification

If you want to remove a tattoo, there are many considerations. First is that you should only allow providers who are well trained and certified to treat your skin. At Genesis’ Tattoo Removal in Colorado Springs, all of our laser technicians have advanced training and many years of laser experience.

Tattoo Removal Technology

A second consideration should be the technology. Genesis’ Tattoo Removal uses an Enlighten Laser, which is the most advanced tattoo removal technology available. The Enlighten Laser uses a combination of wavelengths that allow it to easily remove all ink colors.

In addition, the Enlighten delivers energy at two different speeds, which has been found to most quickly break up ink molecules.

Most other machines use either only one wavelength or one speed. Enlighten’s advanced technology means that 98% of ink is gone in 98% of people in six treatments or less.

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