Renuvion / J Plasma Skin Resurfacing

Genesis is excited to announce that we have purchased the Renuvion / J Plasma machine!

Renuvion is an advanced energy device that combines the unique properties of cold helium plasma with radio-frequency energy. This allows heating of the skin in a very controlled manner, which maximizes results while minimizing risks1.

Renuvion / J Plasma Skin Tightening

Renuvion (formerly named J Plasma) has been described as a “shrink wrapping of the skin”. When done internally (through very small incisions in the skin), loose skin is instantly made tighter1. There is virtually no downtime with this. Facelift type results are seen without the need for general anesthesia and without the bruising and swelling associated with surgery1.

Non-Surgical Face Lifts & More

This tightening can be done on any body part, including abdomen, face, neck and arms. It can also be done in conjunction with liposuction, so that fat is removed and the skin is instantly tightened.

Scarlet Radio-Frequency (RF) Micro-Needling

In addition to regular micro-needling, Genesis offers Radio-Frequency (RF) micro-needling, which has been described as “micro-needling on steroids”. The treatment is very similar, except that when the needles are underneath the surface of the skin, RF energy is transmitted, which greatly enhances the results.6 Our Scarlet machine produces the best and safest results on the market, with little to no down time. Numbing cream is used so that this is a non-painful procedure. Unlike with traditional micro-needling, most people do not even have significant redness after the treatments because the RF energy coagulates the little blood vessels and so there is less bleeding. The Scarlet is FDA approved and is safe on all skin types. This is a revolutionary treatment for improving texture, softening acne scars and stretch marks, decreasing pore size, improving discoloration and tightening the skin.7

Agnes Treatments

Genesis also offers Agnes, which is an RF energy device designed to target specific tissues. Depending upon the client’s needs, Genesis can use this machine to tighten sagging skin, destroy fat cells, destroy sebaceous glands that are causing acne or blackheads, get rid of under-eye bags and much more.8 Just like the Scarlet, the Agnes is a no down time procedure, although some patients do have a few small bruises.

Agnes and Scarlet can be combined in the same treatment, which is an excellent option for someone who is needing to tighten skin or improve the eye area but who also wants to improve the surface of the skin. Call us today in order to learn more about these clinically proven technologies!

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