Neck Fat Removal

Are you bothered by excess fat underneath your chin and on your neck? Genesis MedSpa offers a treatment to remove neck fat.1*

Our Vaser Liposuction provides excellent results with little downtime and minimal risk.1* The results are natural looking and may help your entire face to look more sculpted and thinner.*

Reducing Neck Fat

Vaser Liposuction uses ultrasound energy to break down or “melt” the fat cells. Three small incisions are made in the neck and lidocaine is then infused into the area to be treated. This numbs the neck, so that patients do not feel the ultrasound energy. After the fat is “melted” a small suction tube sucks it out.*

Clients are given oral pain medications before the procedure. General anesthesia or IV sedation is not needed, greatly reducing the risk of removing fat from the neck area.2* A compression garment needs to be worn for 72 hours, which makes this a great procedure to have done on a Thursday or Friday and still be ready to return to work on Monday. After 72 hours, the garment needs to be worn at night for another two weeks.*

The compression garment helps the skin to retract down over the space where the fat was removed, resulting in some skin tightening in the area.3*

Neck Fat Reduction Treatment

Excess fat in the neck is difficult to lose with diet or exercise. Vaser Liposuction can give the results you want with only a small amount of down time.* Fat removal from the neck does not have to be dangerous or have a lengthy recovery time. Schedule a free consultation so you can learn more about removing fat from your neck with this effective treatment.1*

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