Upper Arm Fat Removal

Do you hesitate to wear anything without sleeves because you don’t like the excess fat on your upper arms? Do you feel as though fat is there regardless of how well you eat or how much you exercise?

Reducing Upper Arm Fat

If you do, Vaser Liposuction may be the upper arm fat removal technique that you’ve been waiting for!

Vaser Liposuction may be an effective and easy way to reduce upper arm fat.1*

Several small incisions are made in the upper arms and lidocaine is then infused into those incisions, which results in “numbing from the inside”. No IV sedation or general anesthesia in needed, which may greatly reduce the risk of the procedure. Once the arms are numbed, an ultrasound probe is moved back and forth in the layers of excess fat, which breaks up, or “melts” the fat. Lastly, a suction probe removes the melted fat.*

Upper Arm Fat Reduction Treatment

This procedure may also work for getting rid of “bra fat” or that excess fat that hangs out of the sides of our bras.* Many women have problems with both “bra fat” and excess upper arm fat and choose to get rid of both during one treatment session.*

Not only does Vaser Liposuction target upper arm fat, but it also causes collagen stimulation, which results in some skin tightening over the treated area.2* Patients usually are able to return to work in 2-3 days*, although heavy lifting does need to be avoided for about 2 weeks. The arms will look worse for about two weeks because of swelling and bruising. Generally, after about two weeks, people begin to notice improvement and, by about four weeks, most people are seeing the results!*

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